World Bipolar Day | NALA
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World Bipolar Day

Today is World Bipolar Day and in honour of this important day we would like to highlight Grant Trebelico, founder of OneWave, who champions those with bipolar. In his latest post Grant tells his story….

“It’s been 7 years since I ended up in the mental health ward of Manly Hospital and was diagnosed with bipolar after a big week partying at the Aus Surf Open.

I thought my life was over. Surfing and my family and friends saved me. Surfing got me out of bed, it got me smiling again and that little bit of stoke kept getting bigger each day and that gave me hope things could get better.

But the thing is you can’t surf all day and I have surfed most of my life and surfing alone wasn’t enough to find the balance of living with bipolar. If I hadn’t talked about it with my family and my mates I’d still be struggling, big time.

The thing is Mental health is such a complicated thing. Everyone has different levels of mental health challenges and they come in waves. I have been talking about mental health everyday since we started OneWave and I still struggle sometimes. I still have days when I get the weirdest anxiety and lose confidence with everything, even having a simple conversation with someone on the street.

With mental health it’s not a quick fix and everyone has a different recipe for managing it, but it does get easier. Surfing and talking about it and getting fluro with the OneWave fam will always be key parts of my recipe. But I also still have to take medication. I still head to the doctor for a check up from the neck up every few months. I still see a psychologist and shit it feels good just to talk it out.

If you’re struggling right now, go easy on yourself and tell someone, because I can guarantee you they won’t run the other way. It’s totally ok to not be ok. Check in on your mates today and ask “how are you ‘really’ going?” because everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about…”