Killarney Heights | NALA
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Killarney Heights Hub

Providing robust guides for positive self-growth

Here in our hub of Safety; robust guides for positive self-growth of mind, body and soul are provided.

Here in our hub of Inspiration; life skills of boundaries, autonomy, courage, insight and connection are learned and mastered.

Here in our hub of Encouragement; self worth and self-determination will shine.


Meet Our League

Our Killarney Heights Hub

Our Killarney Heights Hub has been designed to ensure the right space for development. Situated in the natural coastal environment of the Northern Beaches, the rooms have natural lighting, a warm and peaceful design and most importantly an empowering feel.

Locate Us

Shop 2, 98 Starkey Street, Killarney Heights, NSW 2087

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Meet Our League at Killarney Heights

Below is your league of professionals
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Killarney Heights

Killarney Heights and Telehealth

Killarney Heights

Killarney Heights

Killarney Heights

On Leave

Killarney Heights and Chowder Bay, Mosman

Killarney Heights

NALA - Michelle Hopkinson

Killarney Heights and Chowder Bay, Mosman

Killarney Heights

Killarney Heights

Keeping Our Nala Community Safe

In an emergency call 000 or visit your local emergency department


There are many resources out there for immediate help for mental health concerns.


All Links are provided in Our Safety Section