What is Family Psychology? | NALA
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What is Family Psychology?

Family psychology, family therapy or family counselling is a type of therapy where instead of the client being an individual, the client is a family. Our Family psychologists at Nala Hub on the Northern Beaches of Sydney are highly trained family therapists. In family therapy, all family members are able to speak safely in session and are given the opporunity to be heard and understood. In family counselling, the psychologist’s role is to create a space where the family members can discuss any problems, relationship dynamics and issues that arise in the family unit. The psychologists role in family therapy is to also remain unbaised and to not take sides. In family therapy, the psychologist may challenge particular family members points of view, but this is done with the view of creating positive change for the individual and the family.

Clinical psychologist, Emma Pratt, co-founder of Nala Hub believes that family therapy is an under used resource “too often we work with individuals to elicit change and create connection, when really, what better way to achieve connection and support, then by using the family unit as a resource.”

Family therapy may go for a few sessions, it may go for 10 or more. It depends on the goals that are determined in the inital session with the family psychologist. It can take a couple of sessions for the psychologist to understand and conceptualise what is going on for a family. This intial assessment of a families needs are very important in order to establish a solid foundation for therapy.

Nala Hub is one of the few psychology clinics in Killarney Heights, which is the bridge between Sydney’s northern beaches and north shore. Nala Hub has clients from surrounding suburbs inluding Forestville, Frenches Forest, Davidson and Allambie Heights including many others. Nala Hub currently has 4 family psychologists on staff.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how one of our family psychologists can help you and your family.

By Emma Pratt, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Founder of Nala Hub