Tips to ease the morning grind | NALA
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Tips to ease the morning grind

As a parent do you ever feel as though it’s like ground hog day at your place, especially during school term!

I know many parents say to me that one of the most repetitious and frustrating time of their day is in the morning getting their child ready for school. From the moment they wake up parents feel like they’re on repeat, calling out instructions; “hurry up and eat your breakfast”, “put your lunch box in your bag”, “brush your teeth”, “get out of the dog bed and put your uniform on”.

Children often respond with “yep I’ve just got to…”, silence, or even a “stop yelling at me”. At every shout out and at the tenth “we’re going to be late” the emotional heat is turned up in the family, with children and parents walking out of home frazzled.

mindful parenting tips

Here are a few smart tips to ease the morning grind:

– Envisage what your ideal morning would look like. Bring your tribe together and say that you’d like to make mornings much easier and less stressful. Outline the plan and let your family know what’s going to change. Ask your children what else might help.

– Prime yourself for the morning! Practice mindful breathing and asking yourself “how do I want to lead my family this morning”

– Be aware of not getting into power struggles with your child. In other words, ask once and then guide them to follow through with direction.

– Connect with your child first before you give an instruction. Only give instructions to one child at a time, so get face to face and stay with your child until they’ve completed the step. You might like to chat with them about their day ahead, or get them to tell you a joke.

– Maybe you can tweak the sequence of the morning routine. For example, it might be helpful to get up a half hour earlier to get yourself completely ready, and then wake up children. Encourage them to get dressed before they come down for breakfast.

– Change the mood of the morning, for instance by turning up the music, sing and dance.

– Above all, remember to make mention of any small positive changes with your child and give them a huge smile.

A good day starts with a good beginning. A clear, stable morning routine can help the whole family get on board and walk out the door smiling. All of us at Nala are here for you. If you ever want to just talk about the best way to get your family on the right (or same) track, make an appointment!