Covert child abuse | NALA
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Covert child abuse

It’s not only overt child abuse that may negatively impact early mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Covert child abuse is also equally, if not more impactful.

Here is a short list of emotional experiences in childhood that can impact wellbeing all the way through to adulthood:

1. Having your emotions dismissed, minimized, or invalidated.

2. Having your emotions ignored/being left alone when you were upset or angry.

3. Being told you were “too sensitive”.

4. Being punished or scolded for expressing emotions.

5. Being made to feel responsible for a parent’s emotions.

6. Having a caregiver take on your emotions in a way thy left you without someone “stronger”.

7. Having to walk on eggshells to avoid a parent’s or sibling’s emotional reactions.

8. Growing up in a family that didn’t talk about or express emotions.