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Privacy and Consent: Nala Hub Telehealth and Phone consultations.

Nala Hub uses Coviu (an online videocall) to deliver our Telehealth services. Coviu is a private company that is separate and outside of Nala Hub. You can obtain information about Coviu and its privacy policy here:


In the case of opting for a phone consultation, the following privacy and consent guidelines remain the same. At the time of the appointment you will receive a phone call from a private number.



As is our usual process (as per our standard consent form) we will treat your information with respect and in confidence. We will not record the sessions on Coviu nor share material from the Coviu sessions without your consent (unless due to reasons outlined in confidentiality). Our default practice will be unrecorded sessions. We will not use your full name to set up the meeting invitation. We will email you a meeting invitation link that you will open on the chosen device to enter the meeting. You do not need to download any special app to use Coviu. We will need to use your email address to send the Coviu meeting invitations. If you do not consent to the sharing of this information you have a right to refuse this service.


Telehealth services involve using interactive cloud-based systems that involve sharing of audio, video or other data communication online (outside of our practice).


Our clinicians make a commitment that we will undertake these calls in a private setting where others cannot hear your information. We recommend that you also find a private setting where you feel comfortable too. It is important that steps are made by you to protect your information. If you are not able to find a private location where you feel comfortable let your psychologist know when they call, and they will respect your request. Your privacy is important and we will respect your decision.



Please minimize distractions during your session. This may include not playing games (unless with your psychologist), sending messages or doing other activities. You can treat this like your usual face to face sessions with your psychologists and we will do so as well.


Safety & Confidentiality

Your confidentiality is protected except in the event that your psychologist is concerned about your safety or the safety of others, and we are mandated to report, or legally obliged through a court summons to provide relevant information.


Data Transfer & Usage

Please check that you have enough data to undertake the conference calls. Nala Hub will not cover the cost of the data usage for these calls. Nala Hub can also not take responsibility of any disruption to your call due to poor internet speeds. We will make all reasonable efforts to make sure we use reliable internet connections when undertaking our sessions, however, as the internet can be unreliable, we are unable to promise uninterrupted sessions.


Attempts to connect

We will send you a meeting invitation via email, we will make two attempts to connect with you. Our admin team will also be there to assist you with the connections if it is your first-time using Coviu. If we are unable to reach you after two attempts, we will reschedule/cancel your appointment.


Fees and Payments

Medicare rebates and most private health fund rebates are available for all Coviu or phone appointments. In some cases, telehealth sessions can be bulk-billed. If you are experiencing financial strain during this time of uncertainty, please discuss fee options with your clinician.


Payments will be processed online (with a small online processing fee) at the conclusion of your appointment using the card details that you have provided at your initial appointment. If you did not provide card details at your initial appointment, please contact reception on 9042 0222 to provide these prior to your Telehealth appointment.



While Nala Hub does have a strict cancellation policy, if you would like to avoid a cancellation fee (which is the full cost of a session) please cancel outside of the cancellation period (11am of the previous business day).  If you are cancelling due to sickness, there will be no fee charged however, we urge you to please provide us with as much notice as possible as we do have a high volume of clients who are waiting for appointments.