Charlotte Marie Brady - Brand & Organisational Culture Strategist | NALA
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Charlotte Marie Brady

Brand & Organisational Culture Strategist

Charlotte Marie Brady joined us from Colorado Springs, America bringing with her 11 years of experience directing & consulting in strategic communications. Charlotte worked with us specifically to build the brand and business foundations as aligned to our vision and guide the creative direction for the company.

NALA - Charlotte Brady

Collectively, Charlotte’s experience and studies have specialised in organisational communication, branding, and sustainable work cultures. In addition to building strategies that consider the impact of business goals on branding and organisational communications, she also ensures her work aligns with the latest research supporting work-place wellbeing to foster staff performance.

Charlotte was placed in the top percentile of her Business Degree at the University of Technology, Sydney Australia, and has since worked for some of Australia’s leading creative communications agencies, strategically guiding national and international corporations including AMP, IAG (NRMA), GE Money Australia, The Bank Of Melbourne, ACON, The City of Sydney, North Sydney Counsel, Australia Post, NSW Health, RSPCA, The Price of Wales Hospital, Telstra Australia, Intel Australia, Terradata Australia, Blackberry Australia; Frasers Property, Colliers, Mirvac, Grosvner Place, Manfredi, Goodman; Manfredi (Collective), Vue de Monde (Collective), The Royal Mail Hotel, Edgell & Birdseye.

After more than nine years climbing the corporate ladder, including two years as a Senior Director at the highly respect Frost* Collective, Charlotte returned to The University of Sydney and completed a masters certificate in Human Resource and Organisational Psychology at Sydney University. She was placed 2rd in the course with a special mention for her work in organisational communications, sustainable business foundations and staff performance.

Late 2016 Charlotte moved to Colorado Springs, USA. Here she partners with companies to guide their strategic and creative communications, ensuring sustainable brand foundations, cultural alignment and staff wellbeing. Over the last year she has supported a broad range of American & Australian organisations including: NVTAC, MASH, PDX, USDA and RI Cares, Mathematica, The Gazette Colorado Springs, Heather Sam’s Fine Portraits, Teachers as Scholars, Orchestrating Excellence, Deloitte, Life’s Little Distillery, Graysan LLC, YouGetScene, Pikes Peak Market, The Valla Group, Pillars, and our very own Nala.

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