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Providing robust guides for positive self-growth

Here in our hub of Safety; robust guides for positive self-growth of mind, body and soul are provided.

Here in our hub of Inspiration; life skills of boundaries, autonomy, courage, insight and connection are learned and mastered.

Here in our hub of Encouragement; self worth and self-determination will shine.

Our League of Trainees

We provide a safe-hub of inspiration and encouragement for personal growth. One in which life tools such as boundaries, autonomy, courage, insight and connection are learned & mastered, to improve a persons sense of self worth and self-determination.

Call us about our professional psychology and health based life-skill services supporting youth & families.

Our Facilities


Our hub has been specifically designed to ensure the right space for development. Situated in the natural coastal environment of Killarney Heights, the rooms have natural lighting, a warm and peaceful design and most importantly, an empowering feel.

Meeting rooms and extra spaces are often used for training and workshop, and are available for hire to relevant and supportive business events.

Call us to book a tour.

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Our League of Support

Achieving our mission could not be possible without our league of support. From Architecture to Brand Development and Creative Design, these heroes have supported our vision from the beginning.

Hope can be your reality.

CALL (02) 9042 0222 FOR HELP