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Join Our League

We are looking to hire a clinical or registered psychologist who would like to work with children, youth and families in our Psychology Hub 2 to 4 days a week.

About You

You may use some (or all) of the following words to describe yourself:


Inspirational, Skilled, Human, Worldly, Personable, Pleasant, Caring, Act with Integrity, Hard Working, Driven, Determined, Persistent, Career-focused, Goal-focused, Playful and Immersed in the Psychology industry.


You have an interest and/or passion for working with children and/or adolescents and may also like seeing adults, couples and/or families.


You thrive off working in a supportive team that has each other’s backs. You also don’t mind talking about food (it tends to be a shared passion and common lunchtime topic!)


You would like the majority of the administrative side of the job taken care of for you (yes please!!)


You wouldn’t mind a cute ruby Cavoodle around who is trained as a therapy dog.


Nala is different from any other place I’ve worked at. I think a major difference is the level of passion and compassion exuding from its’ founder, Michelle. They have put together a team of admin staff and psychologists who care deeply about the clients we serve and the community we practice in. At Nala I feel supported to be the best practitioner I can be.

- Miriam

It’s an absolute privilege to be part of the Nala team who 'walk the talk' when it comes to their dedication to children, young people, adults and families. The leadership provided by Michelle, who established Nala, is second to none and a huge component of the collaborative way in which we work with individuals and the wider systems we support. Some of the team’s values which include strength, kindness, playfulness and curiosity embody the inspiration for the name of our hub … Nala.

- Anna

The general vibe is very welcoming, relaxed but professional. The team are super supportive and has made the steep learning curve of a new role really comfortable. I love attending supervision sessions. It’s interesting to hear discussions about clients and they really get my brain firing. Parking is a breeze and it’s a central location.

- Zigi

Strong values, continual professional development opportunities, and a culture of empowerment are what make Nala Hub such an incredible place to work. Nala Hub provides real opportunities to further your career, through peer supervision, ongoing training and direct support from the co-founders. I have always felt genuinely supported in my role and love being part of such a wonderful, inclusive team!

- Cherise

My favourite things in the world are belly rubs, long eye gazes, and chasing balls. Like your average pooch, I have some room for improvement and my professional development plan includes maintaining personal space, sitting patiently for pats and leaving non-doggy snacks alone. Luckily, the team loves me for me and I can’t imagine a better job in the world than my role as therapy dog at Nala Hub.

- Basil or ‘Baz’ to my mates

Nala Hub is an incredibly supportive workplace and team which is well worth travelling for! It has been fantastic to learn so much from colleagues and to feel comfortable going out on a limb and being willing to stumble knowing that the team is there to catch you if you fall. Everyone on the team demonstrates tremendous generosity of time and spirit.

- Stephanie

Nala Hub is a warm and inviting space to work within. This is true of both the physical space and the people who work here - though I’ve only been with Nala for a short time, I have instantly felt welcomed and supported by everyone who makes up the Nala team. It has been a great environment to learn in, and I hope to continue to foster that warm, welcoming approach with everyone who is a part of the Nala Hub community.

- Olivia

I love working at Nala Hub. The team here are so supportive and create such a nice environment to work in. Lunch times together are always lovely and supervision sessions are not only helpful but allow everyone to get together and stay connected. The office space is beautiful and the parking is so easy it makes working at Nala even more of a dream!

- Edwina

Nala Hub isn’t just a workplace, it’s a family. The team at Nala has assisted my transition from provisional psychology to the registrar program and have been as supportive as possible, making my move to private practice effortless. From Nala’s co-founding psychologists, to the admin team, I am constantly in awe of my colleagues’ kindness, care and generosity, all qualities that make working at Nala a privilege.

- Mia

Joining the team at Nala is one of the best decisions I have made in years. I feel that my ideas and contributions are valued, and I feel supported as an employee and as an individual. The team at Nala are fun and vibrant, but also absolutely dedicated in their pursuit of outcomes for their clients and the contribution they make to the local community.

- Andrea

To put faces to names, please visit Our League


Nala Hub is a rapidly growing league of psychologists here to change the lives of people for the better. We believe that everybody has what it takes to live a healthy, fulfilling and connected life, they just need the tools and the motivation to make it reality. This takes work, and we know this work is necessary, so we are here to be a source of hope and motivation for our local communities and beyond.


Here at Nala Hub, we provide a safe hub of inspiration and encouragement for our clients.  By working from the valued scientific framework of psychology, we adopt a mind-body focus and value psychologists who use out of the box thinking, and can work holistically and creatively to empower clients.


Nala Hub is here to be a game changer, an organisation that is not afraid to get to the heart of it all, a team that inspires hope to those who need it the most.


Nala Hub is now looking for a like-minded psychologist who is excited to use their unique skills to positively impact the lives of others; and someone that we can support in return.



Killarney Heights which bridges the Northern Beaches and the North Shore of Sydney. Interestingly, half our staff hail from the inner western suburbs of Sydney!


Opening Hours: 

Monday 9am – 5pm

Tuesday 9am – 7pm

Wednesday 9am – 6pm

Thursday 9am – 7pm

Friday 9am – 6pm

Saturday 9am – 4pm

Sunday Closed

Hope can be your reality.

CALL(02) 9042 0222 FOR HELP