Building Your Brick House – Part 1 | NALA
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Building Your Brick House – Part 1

Building Your Brick House – Part 1


As a business consultant in the area of behaviour (Leadership, Brand and Organisational), I’ve always seen it as my role to help clients build Brick Houses – not straw ones – so that when the wolf comes, they’re cosy inside.


In my specific work, I consider the above across a few areas of business (and life):

  1. Wellbeing – Leadership and staff mental / emotional health related to work.
  2. Financials – Imbedding solid platforms focused on clear decision making and sustainability.
  3. Behaviour – Leadership, brand and organisational actions.
  4. Dreams – Working with or building a business with heart.


Although I am not a specific specialist in some of these areas, through my career, experience, studies and network, I do believe that building solid foundations across ALL of these areas is how we build strong brick houses.



Right now, one of the biggest areas of concern across the world right now is money/financials, which goes hand-in-hand with the other three pillars above:

Money Fear = Stress = Poor emotional wellbeing which impacts on our decision and behaviours towards our dreams

As such, I’d like to forward on some wisdom sent my way concerning the area of Financial Behaviour. This comes from Dave Ramsey – Financial Advisor, Author, Presenter, Radio Host and well respected “debt killer.” This week he shared a live panel discussion offering what I believe to be very useful advice on how to financially (and emotionally) deal with the current, global situation. If you don’t know much about Dave, I couldn’t more strongly recommend his work. NB: He is a man of dedicated faith, but even if this isn’t your mindset his words truly resonate with everyone.


In short, based on the thousands of calls his team has taken these past few weeks, they have observed three categories of financial situations. The wisdom I am sharing is the advice they are offering for how to behave in each situation.

From businesses to individuals, young and old, I’m sharing this advice because I believe it’s useful to everyone and will help reduce the fear and stress many people are dealing with daily.


Now with that said, you can choose what to take from this. I know many of you have your own financial structures/support so I don’t want you to think I’m telling you what to do. I just believe in sharing information that I find useful, that has created solid brick houses for me and my clients, and can possibly assist you with any fear or concern you might have during such an unprecedented time.

Because – having a solid financial ground below us, help reduce any money (security or scarcity) fear, which improves our emotional wellbeing, giving us the clarity to make useful and powerful decisions for how we move forward towards our dreams.


And I hope you will sit on the other side proud and thank full for your actions.



Executive Consultant – The Little House of Big Things Ltd.

  1. Thank you Dave Ramsey and team! #AmessageofHope


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Look out for Building Your Brick House – Part II for KEY NOTES FROM DAVE RAMSEYS PANEL RE: COVID 19